Thanks for visiting my website. The purpose of the site is to help me stay in touch and collaborate with many of the great friends and professionals I've worked with over the years. In addition, you can easily view or download my resume and bio via the sidebar.

Please drop me an e-mail at I'll do my best to respond quickly. My cell phone number is 908.938.6412

I am CEO of People To People Ambassados Inc. We traveled 14,000 students to international and domestic destinations this summer. Recently we announced that we are closing the business after over five years of declining revenue and profits.

Here's a link to a presentation I gave at the Haas Business School on my top ten learnings after 30 years as a business operator.


Web based marketing is all-important these days. Here's a presentation on the subject I did for the Assoc for Corporate Growth, NJ Chapter in 2013.


Here is a link to the PDF of my resume


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Current book - The Education of Henry Adams

Current camera - Nikon D810

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