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I am excited to announce that I am taking an active role as a Managing Director of Peter Kamin’s private investment firm, 3K Limited Partnership.  Peter and I go back to 2003 when we served on the board of Insurance Auto Auction Inc. Since then we’ve worked together on the boards of Seitel Inc., Rand Worldwide, The Tile Shop and Ambassadors Group.


Peter and I share an appreciation of managers that are dedicated to building successful companies.  Typically, we find these managers to run a tight ship, hire good people and serve their customers well.  Together, we are actively seeking new investment opportunities.  We are interested in situations where 3KLP can make an investment in the company, or fully acquire it, and then actively work with management to grow the business.  We prefer to work with an in-place management team, but are open to situations that may need change, management boost or a turnaround.


3K doesn’t invest in startups or early stage companies.  We are seeking to make select investments in companies with approximately $1-$15 million EBITDA in scenarios including the transition or sale of a family business, management buy-outs, corporate divestitures and recapitalizations.


Importantly, 3K’s capital is permanent, personal capital.  There are no other decision makers or committees required to commit and execute the investment.  There is no time-limited fund or other entanglements typical of private equity partnerships.


I hope you will contact me directly if you become aware of:

• Small private companies that need to sell or raise additional capital

• Divisions or product lines of existing companies that are being divested

• Entrepreneurs that require growth capital and strategic management partners


You may remember that my early career included working as CFO of Celestial Seasonings, Catalina Marketing and World Wrestling Entertainment.  More recently I was CEO of Ambassadors Group, LexisNexis Marketing and Business Solutions and Financial Executives International. In most of those situations the company needed major change or refinancing.  I am very proud to have worked with some of America’s great entrepreneurs at Genentech, Celestial and WWE.  And let’s not forget the most unique of all entrepreneurs – Al Davis!  Currently, I serve on the board of The Tile Shop and Rand Worldwide.


For the eleven years preceding the formation of 3K, Peter Kamin was a founding member and Managing Partner of ValueAct Capital. ValueAct grew into a leading investment management organization during Peter’s tenure. Prior to founding ValueAct Capital in 2000, Peter founded and managed Peak Investment L.P. Peak was a limited partnership, organized to make investments in a select number of domestic public and private companies.


A few examples of 3K’s current ownership include: Calloway's Nursery, the leading retail garden center chain in Dallas; Rockford Corporation, a mobile audio company based in Tempe, AZ; and Rand Worldwide Inc., a top AutoDesk software VAR based outside of Baltimore, MD.


A full description of our approach is included in this brief slide presentation  and visit our website for more information at 3KLP.COM


Thanks for taking the time to learn more about 3K Limited Partnership.  I always welcome the opportunity to get acquainted with business owners, executives and management teams, as well as professionals and advisors.


I welcome your feedback or just an update on what you are up to.  As always, I very much appreciate my long-term friends and colleagues.  Stay in to

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